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  • Creative Solutions to Observing Student teaching Competencies - Simulation. The University of Central Florida has moved their work with TeachLivE to remote servers to allow us to still use simulation in our classrooms and to observe student teaching competencies as needed. We have the capability to do work with elementary (inclusive setting), middle, and high school (inclusive setting) classrooms. We have the capability to do limited research sessions with Spanish speaking avatars. These environments can occur with a student working on a desktop computer with one student interacting with other students watching and/or supervising taking data and coaching or giving feedback. We invite other universities interested in partnering with us in research on how to help our student teachers demonstrate competencies in these trying times. Our current rate for use is $130 per hour but can be used with one-to-one or one “to many” to do research in online classrooms or to support your research with student teachers who have been displaced. If interested, please contact us for a research discussion at
  • UCF Announces Faculty Cluster Initiative in the Learning Sciences. For more information click here.
  • Kickin' It New School
  • View the Proceedings from the 5th National TLE TeachLivE Conference here.

Quote Spotlight:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing experience we've had working with TeachLivE. What a fantastic system you all dreamed up--I truly believe it has the potential to have a huge impact on teacher education. We here at CSUN feel that it has given us the opportunity to explore and discuss pedagogy with our candidates in ways that aren't possible in any other setting.”

- Dr. Sally Spencer, Associate Professor
Department of Special Education, CSU Northridge

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