Principal Investigators:
Dr. Lisa Dieker (College of Education)
Dr. Charles E. Hughes (College of Engineering & Computer Science)
Dr. Michael Hynes (College of Education)

Research Faculty:

Dr. Darin Hughes
Dr. Arjun Nagendran

Software Developers:
Greg Wiatroski
Brian Kelly

Research Director:
Dr. Carrie Straub

Research Associates:
Kathy Becht
Taylor Bousfield
Caitlyn Bukaty
Ben Gallegos
Stacey Hardin
Aaron Koch
Angel Lopez
Stacy Hardin
Aleshia Hayes

Software Developers:
Brian Kelly
Greg Wiatroski

Chip Lundell
Eric Imperiale

Technical Support:
Michael Hopper
Derrick Greenspan

Director of TeachLivE Training:
Morgan Russell

System Development and Interactor Lead:
Katie Ingraham

TeachLivE Interactors:
Heather Leonardi
Felicia Graybeal
Anne Hering
Rebekah Lane
Monica Tamborello
Dr. Lee Cross