Spotlight: Morgan Russell

Morgan RussellThis month we highlight our very own Morgan Russell, Director of Interactor Training at TeachLivE, and one of the people behind our beloved avatars. Morgan is a pioneer of interactive performance and immersive mixed reality experiences and was part of the original development team for TeachLivE. As a class of 5 diverse middle schoolers, she has interacted with thousands of teachers and traveled virtually coast-to-coast to over 16 Universities, and as far as China, Australia and Dubai. She began her career as a professional improvisational actress at Walt Disney World and studied for a summer at Oxford before touring the UK and performing at the Edinburgh Festival with SAK Theatre. She was co-founder of the award winning SAK Theatre Comedy Lab in Orlando before moving to Los Angeles. While in CA, she performed and taught Kidprov at L.A. County Public schools in a program that increased literacy, creativity and writing skills through improvisation. Some of her favorite ongoing projects include: Shakespeare with Heart, a Summer program for Middle School and High School students with and without special needs, Drama-Rama, a mixed reality game to help Latina Middle School girls practice empowering social skills, and the holiday classic, “Dickens By Candlelight”. Among her many pursuits, Morgan currently directs a cadre of professional interactors at TeachLivE and is integral to the system development and delivery of the avatars, simulation applications, research and experience design. She is passionate about promoting excellent human interaction through virtual rehearsal.

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