Visitors to the Lab


On 19 October, Lisa Dieker, Mike Hynes, Charles Hughes and Carrie Straub of TeachLivE met with Mike Kalaf and Adam Brown of Lockheed Martin Global Communications and Logistics to engage in a model building exercise. The group used the approach to business model building described in the book, “Business Model Generation,” by Alexander Oswald, Yves Pigneur and Alan Smith. There was an energetic discussion suing the “Business Model Canvas” illustrated in the book. Adam Brown offered to develop a case report from the notes of the meeting that will be used for further discussion and development of the business model. The UCF TeachLivE team will be meeting soon with Dr. M.J. Soileau, VP of Research for UCF to update him on the commercialization efforts by TeachLivE.

Other visitors to meet our avatars included:

  • Taylor Warden, Teacher and her students came to interact with our avatars in the classroom and our physical virtual avatar.  We had a great time watching the kids engage with our avatars. She writes: “I saw my students engaging more or wanting to engage more in conversations than I have ever before. They were in a situation that I could never replicate in my classroom.  It also encouraged them to talk and communicate with each other outside the lab. I have NEVER seen my students interact with each other more and in such a positive manner than I did on Friday…Thanks so much”
  • Adam Brackin and Monica Evans, University of Texas
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Bettner, UCF alumnus and creator of Words with Friends
  • ASCD

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