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February Newsletter - Volume 2, Issue 1

2nd National TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF Conference and Call for Presentations

The 2nd National TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF Conference will be held at the University of Central Florida May 22 - 23, 2014 (a pre-conference day to see behind the scenes at Disney related to interacting will occur on May 21 with an additional cost for admission/parking). Please use this form to register for the conference. We are currently ...

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Stacey Adkins

Meet our Adult

TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF is proud to share news of the continued growth within our family of avatars. We would like to introduce you to our newest adult avatar:Stacey, the adult avatar can be used by practicing and aspiring teachers and administrators to rehearse parent conferences, annual evaluation meetings, and many ...

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TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF in the News

TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF was awarded the 2013 National Training & Simulation Association Governor's Award for Excellence in Modeling and Simulation!

Our technology has spread across the country!

The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) recognized TLE TeachLivE™ ...

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Coming Soon: Data!

The TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF team is excited to share the news of an upcoming press release! Soon we will be sharing some groundbreaking information on our research project. Our research partners will be receiving a memo from us with information to disseminate through the media outlets at their own institutions.

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Remember…TLE TeachLivE™

If you are posting any news or information online or in print to please use our full name TLE TeachLivE™ with the trademark.  We also ask that you be certain to mention the partnership with UCF in any titles or press. We are thrilled to partner with each of you and we look forward to seeing you all at our ...

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Spotlight: Stephanie Delgado

Our featured "In the Spotlight" team member is Stephanie Delgado, a UCF graduate student in the school psychology program. Stephanie has been on board with the TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF team since August 2012. She is an invaluable asset as she skillfully manages our schedules for all of the ...

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TLE TeachLivE ™ at UCF is Mobile!

The TLE TeachLivE™  at UCF cart was introduced in late 2013. The use of the cart allows professors at UCF to bring the virtual classroom to their students. The TeachLivE at UCF cart is equipped with all the necessary components to have the “virtual classroom” in the “real” college classroom and is ideal for full class participation sessions. The cart ...

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Is Your TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF Software Up-to-date?

How to tell and what to do if it’s not!

If you have the newest software, when you first run the TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF classroom program you will see options for “Middle School” and “High School”.

Also, in the upper right corner of the launch screen there will be a box that says “Version: 1.0.25” any other ...

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We are social...


Feel free to post your thoughts and comments as you continue to find new and creative ways to use our avatars to impact teacher practice.  Read online.

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Session Request?

Be on the look out for TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF's new session request form! To schedule your session you need to specify Middle School, High School, ELL, or Adult avatars and the basic session objectives. This will help us provide you with the best TLE TeachLivE™ experience!

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TLE TeachLivE™ at UCF Demonstrations

Come play with us! We are always hosting friends old and new for our weekly demos. This past Fall 2013 we were pleased to welcome the following universities, entities, and companies to our Friday demo day. If you want to schedule a demo with your site, contact Taylor Bousfield at teachlive@ucf.edu.

Gordon State

Lockheed Martin

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