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August Newsletter* Volume 1, Issue 6 


TLE TeachLivE™ Conference 2013

The TLE TeachLivE™ team proudly hosted our inaugural conference on May 23-24, 2013 here at UCF. We were fortunate to have distinguished visitors from around the world present current research findings, offer keynote addresses, and network with conference attendees during the event. General consensus placed this conference at the top of the list for anyone interested in the research, technology, and ...

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Year 2 Partners

We are pleased to announce next year's research partners! A big welcome to Buffalo State, Howard University, the University of Kansas, MidAmerica Nazarene University, Lake County Schools, Southern University, Texas Woman's University, the University of Maryland, and Volusia County Schools. Be on the lookout for great research to take place with these newest additions to the team. 

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Spotlight: Katie Ingraham

Katie Ingraham is in her final year at UCF as a doctoral student in instructional design and technology. She joined TLE TeachLive as a part of the original development team six years ago as an undergraduate student at UCF through the Interactive Performance Lab. Since then she has worked with TLE TeachLive as an interactor delivering sessions, developing ...

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Addressing Preconceptions in Using TeachLivE™

By Dr. Carrie Straub

Preconception: A student’s understanding of content before a lesson is taught. These may be misconceptions, incomplete conceptions, or correct and complete conceptions.

In all subjects, student preconceptions are commonly encountered, and veteran teachers, over time, develop a rich reservoir of approaches for dealing with a ...

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TLE TeachLivE™ Demonstrations

We've been honored to offer demonstrations to the following institutions and individuals in the past couple months:

May 2013

New Schools Venture Fund

TLE TeachLivE Conference

June 2013

UCF Trustees

United Arab Emirates



TLE TeachLivE™ in the News

TeachLivE™ is making headlines!

Did you know Sesame Street came to visit our avatar friends? Read all about their visit on UCF Today.

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Friendly reminder

A friendly reminder: If you need to cancel a TLE session, please contact Stacey at TeachLivE@ucf.edu and kindly provide us with as much advance notice as possible! Thank you.


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